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Pumpkins Galore!

October 25, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Pumpkin Patch Sign I love Fall! It is by far my favorite season for several reasons: the colors, the weather, the pumpkin-flavored-EVERYTHING, Halloween AND Thanksgiving, the food... I pretty much love everything about Fall.

This weekend, being the weekend before Halloween, my husband and I ventured out to pick out a couple of pumpkins to carve. We decided to check out one of the many pumpkin patches that pops up every year around San Diego to find the perfect gourds. Now this was a big deal for me as growing up we would usually just go to the local supermarket and pick out the best pumpkins we could find (I always wanted to find the pumpkin with the fewest flaws), so this was the first pumpkin patch I can recall going to. 

When my husband and I spent our first Halloween together five years ago, I noticed that he liked to pick out pumpkins differently than I did; he looked for the pumpkin that had character. He saw every scratch, dent and bump as a potential artistic choice for his ultimate design. I never understood his method until last year. I looked at the pumpkin he had selected, and I just saw the perfect face in it.

Now flash forward a year later to today. I was unsure what kind of selection of pumpkins we would have, and considering all we could see from the road were inflatable kids' attractions and tents, I was a bit wary. Luckily, what we found was the biggest collection of gourds of all shapes, colors and sizes I had ever seen in one place.

Pumpkin Patch Scarecrow and Pumpkins Pumpkin in the sun

There were tiny pumpkins, big pumpkins (I'm talking so big, they required a wheelbarrow to get them to your car), fat pumpkins, skinny ones, pumpkins that leaned, pumpkins that were almost black in color, warty ones... Any pumpkin you could imagine. As we perused the pumpkin topped haystacks for the perfect one, my husband and I thought of so many ideas for many of them.

Mini pumpkins

Pumpkin with scar

Orange pumpkin Heart gourd

In the end, we each selected the ones that truly spoke to us (mine has a long curly stem), and without a doubt, our jack-o-lanterns will be a couple for the books.


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