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How the Grand Canyon Helped Me with Landscape Photography

May 12, 2014  •  1 Comment

I've never really gotten into landscape photography. It always seemed quite daunting to me because all of my landscape pictures seemed boring to me, and I'm much more interested in photographing details that people might not notice. My husband and I took our first trip to the Grand Canyon together (first time for both of us) this past weekend, and I was not going to waste my opportunity to photograph one of the great wonders of the world because I simply could not get the hang of landscape photography. So I decided to look at landscape photography a different way. 

When we went to the first lookout point, I was in awe. I started snapping away, but I wasn't all that impressed with my results. Then I started noticing all the valleys, cliffs, and plateaus, and how the sun was creating great shadows. Using those aspects, my pictures improved a little, but nothing any tourist wouldn't take.

We walked along the "Trail of Time" along the rim, and the greenery started to get my attention. At just the right spots, the trees and plants would create nice framing and great points of focus for the Canyon. So I began using those to create my compositions. That's when I started loving the images I was capturing. Here are some my favorite ones:

An Elk wandering through our campground.

Probably my favorite one.

Taken at night with only the moon as lighting.


Melynda Grant(non-registered)
All of the photos are gorgeous! My favorites are the one with the trail marker and the old, rugged tree beside the canyon. Just love them! You did a great job capturing the beauty of the canyon along with some wonderful details.
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