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365 Project, Week Four - Perspective

January 28, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Blog #2 for the day: my continuing 365 Project!

This week I decided to explore perspective after reading this great article.

Ever since I started developing my eye for photography, I've started to see everything as a potential subject. Sometimes, I get super excited and start snapping away, but when I'm reviewing my images later, I wish I would have taken time to examine my subject from different angles and take its surroundings into account.

That's what I've attempted to accomplish with the following images. I approached the subjects from above, below, or from angles where the backgrounds and details were important to the subject or added more to the story.

Here are week four's photos, and if you've missed any of the previous weeks' images, you can see all my 365 Project pictures here. See you next week!


January 22, 2015Sweet Pea

January 23, 2015Friday Night Snacks


January 24, 2015Marketing

January 25, 2015Driver's View January 26, 2015LEGO Pirate Ship January 27, 2015Goodbye to Caffeine

January 28, 2015Home Cooking


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