Alicia Jeanne Photography | Morning Stroll in Carlsbad Village

Morning Stroll in Carlsbad Village

January 17, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

One of my favorite places in North County San Diego is Carlsbad Village, especially on a Saturday morning when everyone is sleeping in until 10am. The vintage stores, antique shops, and "Mom and Pop" restaurants make me feel like I'm back in East Texas where my mom's family is from, and when the weather is a perfect 60 degrees, you have the best conditions for a morning stroll.

My husband and I had our breakfast at a tiny restaurant called Don's Country Kitchen (where, I swear, they serve the biggest and tastiest omelets), and we decided just to walk around. Of course, I had my camera in hand, and I snapped these fun photos.

So here's something for your visual pleasure on this fine Saturday!


I love these doors! I think just because of their colors, and the fact that the store front is so symmetrical.

I don't do this very often, but I decided to make edit this photo with a sepia tone. I think it brings a nice mood to the image.

Another symmetrical store front. This one is of an antique store. Again, I like the color of the doors, and all the stuff in the windows.

Even the fire hydrants here are fancy.

Probably my favorite one of the day. I love my lens flares and sunbursts!

I just loved the shadow this post was casting.

Some cool graffiti we came across.

Again, another photo I decided to apply sepia to. This one really looks like an old postcard.

Probably most girls' favorite spot in Carlsbad Village. They also have wine.


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