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Resolution Theme Challenge

January 28, 2015  •  5 Comments

Today's an awesome day for everyone keeping up with my blog(s). This is just the first of TWO blogs I'm posting today! 

This one is my monthly theme challenge that I participate in with a group of wonderful ladies. January's theme is quite fitting for this time of year: Resolutions! (I hope that most of you out there have stuck to yours' so far.)

This was a fun one for me because it was great to figure out how to capture "Resolutions." For me, I decided to focus on things I want to do and focus on this year. So below you'll see the visual interpretations of my resolutions for 2015. Hover over them to see the description and details on the image.

P.S. When you're done admiring the images below, check out Okinawa Birth and Newborn Photographer Kristi James, and see her awesome work.

P.P.S. Come back tonight for my second blog of the day, my 365 Project weekly blog. 

Hike MoreLast year, I discovered this great trail just a mile from my apartment in Carlsbad. I'd love to get out more and discover the many trails in North County San Diego. These pictures are from the trails at Lake Calavera.

Marketing My Photography BusinessI've already started out this year focusing much more on photography. Over the next couple of months, I plan on creating a marketing strategy for 2015.

  Crochet MoreI taught myself how to crochet a few months ago, and I found a new way to express my creativity and relax after long days. After getting a lot of new yarn for Christmas, I've decided to start crocheting more regularly this year.





















Drink More Water and Less Caffeine

Focus More on Photography!Along with marketing, I want to finish a 365 Project, shoot more with my Holga camera, and Blog more.





Kristi James(non-registered)
I love all these goals!!! They are so refreshing!! I would love to hike that trail!!
Lauren Nygard(non-registered)
Love your goals, Alicia! We should get together to take some photos on our Holgas! I just ordered one! :)
Nicole Gulick(non-registered)
What a perfect way of capturing your resolutions! love this and that trail looks stunning!
These are great resolutions to focus on! I totally wish I could crochet! By the way, love the way you have your pictures set up to show captions when you hover over them.
I hope you share your Holga project with us!
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