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365 Project, Week Eight - Out & About

February 25, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

2015 is flying by! And so are the weeks that I have stuck with my 365 Project. Yep, I've now completed 56 pictures, one (or more) everyday of this year.

For week eight of my project, I decided that it was about time that I stopped being lazy and start looking at the world around me wherever I went. So here are my pictures I took whilst "Out & About" this week.

February 19, 2015Crazy Clouds

February 20, 2015Oceanside Sunset

February 21, 2015Colorful Mosaic

February 23, 2015Rainy Night

February 24, 2015The Clouds Part at Sunset

February 24, 2015Strawberry Cake

February 25, 2015Tiny Star Trails

And if you haven't seen this morning's "Pink" blog, it's worth a read. 




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