Alicia Jeanne Photography | 365 Project, Week Six - In the Moment

365 Project, Week Six - In the Moment

February 11, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I've found myself in somewhat of a slump recently. Creatively and emotionally. I've had quite a bit of trouble finding inspiration for my photography, and I didn't feel like committing to just one theme for a week. I needed to give myself some freedom to photograph whatever strikes me in the moment. So, for this sixth week of my 365 Project, I decided not to focus on any particular theme. 

February 5, 2015Sleeping Selfie

February 6, 2015Favorite Band

February 7, 2015Sleeping Kitty

February 8, 2015Elfin Forest Trail

February 9, 2015Pink Orchids

February 10, 2015Shadow Heart

February 11, 2015Date Night Shoes


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