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"New" Theme Challenge

March 25, 2015  •  6 Comments

Spring has sprung, March is almost over, and we're well into 2015! For my blog circle's "New" theme challenge this month, I thought I'd focus on something quite appropriate for this time of year: flowers... specifically, new flower buds. I'd also thought I'd note that most of these images were captured with my new Tokina 100mm f/2.8 Macro Lens I got last week (and I'm already in love with it).

Every year around my neighborhood in Vista and Carlsbad, I always love seeing the fresh, new blankets of color that pop up in March and April, and while I was able to capture lots of great images of flowers already in full bloom (come back tonight to see most of those in my 365 Project blog), for this particular blog I'm showing off the flowers that aren't quite ready to show their true colors.

So here are my best buds! Speaking of buds, check out Solano County Family Photographer Kristy Gilmore's New blog, and keep going until you've seen all the wonderful ladies of the blog circle!



Tiia Norsym(non-registered)
Love these! What an incredible macro lens, the details are amazing.
Nicole Gulick(non-registered)
YES YES YES! what a fun way to break in your new lens! these images are stunning! gorgeous job
Kristi James(non-registered)
Ooo you did awesome on this new theme. Those new blossoms are beautiful. I LOVE the macro shots!
So jealous of all of the green and blooming flowers that you have! These shots are incredible! Makes me want spring even harder now after seeing these!
Brooke Hazel(non-registered)
These are beautiful macro flower photos! I love all of the colors!
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