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Tiny Theme Challenge

April 29, 2015  •  5 Comments

Happy Double Blog Wednesday everyone! This month's theme challenge was "Tiny" and after considering and re-considering subjects, the perfect tiny subjects were right in front of me... LEGO Mini-Figs!

Anyone who knows my husband and I knows that we love LEGOs. Even our wedding cake topper and cupcakes were LEGO themed. I decided to select three adventurers and photograph them on their journey. Enjoy!

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Cat Attack!

A View with Wine

Photo Op    Photo Op, Part II


Brooke Hazel(non-registered)
Oh my goodness, these are fabulous! Such a great take on the theme, nice job!
Kristi James(non-registered)
Ha ah I love the little tiny legos!!! What a creative idea for this theme of tiny!
Nicole Gulick(non-registered)
I love these images! love how you captured tiny and created a story out of tiny legos! great job!
So cute! We only have the big legos in our house, my husband cant wait for our boys to get bigger to play with the mini ones!
So cute! We love legos too!
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