Alicia Jeanne Photography | Lemurs at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park!

Lemurs at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park!

May 27, 2015  •  1 Comment

I fell in love with lemurs last year when I saw a trailer for a documentary, Island of Lemurs (worth a watch). They looked so happy, and they looked like such fascinating creatures. I was convinced that in order to see a lemur in person, I would have to go to Madagascar. So you can understand my excitement when I discovered that not only does the San Diego Zoo Safari Park have Ring Tail Lemurs, you can walk amongst them!






























































Tiia Norsym(non-registered)
OMG!!!! We have Lincoln Park Zoo here in Chicago & Brookfield Zoo but we don't have any interaction with the animals beyond the petting zoo. That looks like so much fun! :)
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