Alicia Jeanne Photography | Painting Flowers with Light

Painting Flowers with Light

February 24, 2016  •  3 Comments

I love flowers... More specifically, I love taking pictures of flowers. They are such great subjects, and the detail and texture when you view them up close is stunning. I decided to make flowers my subject for my Painting with Light project for my Applied Digital Photography class at MiraCosta College, and it just so happens Flowers is the theme for this month's blog circle!

As a photographer, light is my most important tool. After all, photography literally means "drawing with light." Painting with light is a fun and creative way to make great images by taking a long exposure of your subject, while moving your light source around to create shapes or simply add color or dimension.

When you're done here, check out the beautiful photography of Oklahoma Photographer, Nicole Gulick Photography, and keep the circle going!



Nicole Gulick(non-registered)
Love your creative use of the light with the gorgeous flowers! beautiful images
Your flower and light photos are spectacular! I love each one of them!
Kristi James(non-registered)
Wow!! These flowers are pretty cool!! I've never seen shots of flower like this before. Awesome job!
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