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A Priceless Moment, the Perfect Picture

March 30, 2016  •  3 Comments

They say "A picture is worth a thousand words." I say the perfect picture is priceless, and I always strive for the perfect picture in each and every photo session. To me, that picture happens when I least expect it; when a moment just happens naturally and everything clicks (no pun intended) into place.

For this month's blog circle theme, our objective was to choose one photograph and write about it. The image I chose is one I took during a group photo exploration for my Applied Digital Photography Class. We were at Swami's Beach in Encinitas, and we were focusing on modifying light with diffusion discs, reflectors, and flash. Between these modified shots, I was still snapping away, and I saw this moment...


Our model was walking along the rocks on the beach, so I crouched down to get the perfect angle. I love how the slightly light of Golden Hour is hitting the front of her body and how it emphasizes her legs. I shot with a wide aperture so that the rocks in the foreground and the waves in the background were out of focus. I think the color palette is great, too. Even the green of her dress goes with the green in the ocean.

A photographer's job is more than just having a good camera and equipment, it's also about observing the subject, connecting with her, and recognizing those priceless moments. 

Thank you for stopping by this month, and please visit Okinawana Family and Couple Photographer, Candace Castor Photography, to see the photo that she's chosen to talk about.


Lauren Nygard(non-registered)
Beautiful capture! You caught her in such a wonderful moment--great work, Alicia! I love the rocks in the foreground--I can almost hear the sound a wave makes as it's going back out to sea through them.
Emilee Self(non-registered)
First of all, gorgeous shot! I love to see how delicately she's walking along those smooth rocks. The muted color palette could be an inspiration for so many mood boards! Second, omigosh I wish we had locations available in Louisiana. My heart aches for beautiful, rocky beaches. Thank you for sharing!
You are absolutely right. It is not just having a camera. Your talent is amazing. Great job!
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