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Before and After

April 27, 2016  •  2 Comments

When my grandfather passed away last August, my husband and I jumped on a plane back to my hometown of Irving, TX. We were there for about five days, and while we were there, I decided to pull out some of the boxes of old (we're talking OLD) photos from my mom's closet. I found a few negatives, and this strip caught my attention in particular:

Two of the four images are pictures of me, probably age 3 or 4, with a fish that was probably half my size at the time. The negatives had been loose in the one of the boxes, no sleeve to protect it or anything. I took a few of the photos back home to Vista at the end of the trip, and I took this strip of negatives. I decided I wanted to see what I could do with these images in Photoshop, so I scanned them into the computer. Here's how they looked at first:























I only have a flatbed scanner, so they turned out very dark. When I inverted them in Photoshop, they were very blue and very overexposed. The first thing I did was darken them up a bit, but when I did that, all the scratches appeared. 





















Cleaning up the spots and scratches wasn't too difficult. It was the color adjustments that was the most challenging to me. After messing around with different tools in Photoshop and Lightroom, I finally got them to a state I was happy with.























The images still have some scratches and are quite grainy, but in the end it gives it a nice vintage look. After all, these photos are nearly 30 years old (!). 

Thanks for stopping by this month! Now, head on over to Jacksonville NC Wedding Photographer, Alicia Q. Photography, and see her before and after images!


Kristi James(non-registered)
OMG THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!! I am so much I love with this post!!!!
Such and amazing job recovering these!! It's so amazing to be able to preserve these moments that probably seemed to be lost forever. Great work!!
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