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Jen + Tom's Engagement

June 27, 2017  •  2 Comments

I first met Jen in 2011 when I was working as a photographer for a small, online magazine. It was my job to interview and photograph local businesses in Escondido, and I found myself in her charming hair studio interviewing her. I liked her immediately, and I was so impressed that she was a young woman who had created a successful business. The magazine ended up being a HUGE letdown, but in a way, I'm grateful that I got to meet her.

A couple of years later, I wanted to make a big change to my hair; I wanted to chop a lot of it off. If you don't have naturally thick and curly hair, you don't understand the struggle to find a hair stylist willing to cut off more than an inch or two of curls. I called Jen up and made an appointment. Not only was she willing to make the big cut, she made me look good! That was nearly four years ago, and she's the only person I trust to touch my hair.

I was beyond thrilled and honored earlier this month when Jen asked me to be the photographer for her upcoming wedding. This past weekend, I ventured out to Marian Bear Memorial Park in San Diego with Jen and her fiancé Tom to shoot some nature inspired engagement photos. It was so great collaborating with these two (and my awesome assistant, Vanessa) to create this beautiful portfolio.


Another great model that joined the shoot was their Dachsund, Lil. Probably my best client ever!

I couldn't have asked for a more perfect location, and these two are just so ridiculously adorable. Sessions like these are the reason I love my job and everything I do.

Thanks to Jen, Tom & Lil for the great evening shoot! I can't wait until your November wedding.


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Melynda Grant(non-registered)
These photos are so gorgeous! I know that Jen and Tom will cherish them always. The pictures beautifully capture a truly happy, joyful time for Jen and Tom!
These are so great!! Almost makes me wish I wanted engagement photos... ALMOST. We would not have done as well as these two. It would have been all scowls and awkward poses. Luckily I still got you to take my amazing wedding photos :) Love you and love these!!!
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